Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jury Duty – an Obligation, a Privilege, and an Honor

This has been an interesting first part of the new year, for me. Very little time at home because of helping a friend with post-op care in January, and then February and another first -- Jury Duty! For the eleventh time in my life, I was called to Jury Duty. It never occurred to me that I would be accepted to serve because I had been a Court Reporter and that was usually the signal to bump me off the list. Eleven calls; eleven rejections. It's been very disheartening, having always believed that serving on a jury is, first of all, an obligation but, more importantly, a privilege and an honor.  

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Laughed So Hard, I Almost Lost My Head

 In response to Mama Kat's writing prompt, "Describe the last thing that made you laugh really hard," I only had to remember back a few days. For the past six months, I've been trying to figure out how to include vlogs on my solar cooking blog, using my JVC video camera. This has become one more high tech tool that I have to master, just to make a short film.

Having bought movie editing software, I thought all my troubles were over, only to discover that I was a mere babe in arms and truly at the very beginning of a learning curve. Frankly, I don't have time to learn another trade. So, I decided to look into those, you know,  new flip cameras that are so 'easy to use, even a child can do it.' Right.

Well, once I adjusted the frames per second to the smallest size for uploading to YouTube, I discovered that it was, in fact, very easy-to-use. But, to be sure, decided to make a test run before sharing the world's greatest video. And, I did it! I really did it. I was bustin' with pride and so happy to have found something high-tech that was easy. Yessirree.  Playback? Voice, loud and clear; picture, well-centered, not jumpy. I was enthralled. This video stuff really is a piece of cake. Well, almost…