Thursday, January 18, 2007

Two People to Get Flyer? - The Apprentice 6

Oops! Forgot to post! Last week's Apprentice showed that, once again, this is going to be an interesting year. I've already decided that The Donald and I disagree about some things -- what else is new? -- and I would really like to know his reasoning behind certain choices.

For instance, what is the point of having the contestants spend the night in tents, if they haven't won? That seriously puts the losing team at a far greater disadvantage than if they had simply lost, regrouped, and applied themselves to the next task.

I would imagine that most of them have not spent the night with the elements since childhood. Having to physically and emotionally adjust to such conditions, while attempting to apply for an incredibly prestigious job, creates an unnecessary and offensive handicap. The fact that the teams lose by such small margins makes it a punishment beyond what is right. The difference was $118. Granted, they shouldn't have lost but it certainly isn't something requiring such a harsh remedy.

The winning team not only gets a special treat but is also given a complete night's rest with all the comforts they have been accustomed to (plus, the richness of surroundings) in their own personal lives. There is nothing to indicate that working for Donald Trump will require employees to sleep in pitched tents at any job site. This is obviously a ratings ploy and nothing more.

Watching both teams operating their respective car washes, I was struck by Frank's inability to show true leadership. His resume indicates a self-made man, not necessarily a lot of experience with teamwork. I was stunned when he took off to get flyers and then followed that up with running off to get posters made, after Martin pointed out the problem passing vehicles were having trying to read the 8.5 x 11 flyers he bought. I overlooked his obnoxious, loud, arrogant voice, thinking he may have shown some professional judgment. Right.

The most apparent thing to me, in watching both teams, was too much education overwhelming the need of elbow grease to get the job done. Several men refused to remove their business clothing and get involved in the actual hand work needed. Almost immediately, the decision was made to let the "girls" wash the cars, while the "men" did the selling. Neither team had the brains to hire workers to wash and detail the cars, so they could focus on moving customers through completion faster and increase sales.

Although I look forward to seeing Frank go, Martin really showed that he wasn't a team player and, from the beginning, chose not to participate unless forced to by another member of his team. He kept telling the Donald how good he was and, yet, never backed it up with action when it was called for during the task.

My final disagreement with the Donald has to do with letting a team leader continue on in that same position until a team loses, in addition to letting them sit on his right-hand side in the boardroom. This establishes one person as a leader and takes away from anyone else having an opportunity to show their own skills and leadership which, I thought, was the whole point of The Apprentice.

What appears fair, to him, simply means that one particular team works well together but doesn't necessarily mean that that particular leader is that great. The team is working together because they each, now, rather foolishly, thought they would be given a chance to prove themselves as leaders during one of the tasks.

To have that winningleader sit next to him in the board room is ludicrous. Why not simply say that that person is now the new apprentice? How can you be involved in a hiring process and have the applicant sit on your decision-making board prior to being hired? This is wrong, on so many levels, that it boggles the mind.

I simply can't wait for show number two.

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