Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Being Too Comfortable Isn't Necessarily a Good Thing

I can understand people wanting to be as comfortable as possible when having to wait for an appointment. I, too, like to be as comfortable as the next person when I'm in a waiting room; but; there are limits, don't you think? Take yesterday, for example. While waiting my turn in one of the few available seats in the emergency room, I found myself a captive audience to the young woman seated opposite, who apparently has a more cavalier view of personal comfort in public.

Probably in her early 20s, her sense of entitlement went beyond the pale. With hip-high jeans and a cropped shirt, her excess flesh between kind of splayed wherever because she was using the chair as a lounge, legs apart, and had moved forward enough to rest her head on the very low backrest of the chair. So, what's wrong with that, you want to know?

Well, nothing. Be as comfortable as you want. (This online picture is to give you an idea of the young woman because I would never have dared to actually take her picture!) Now, imagine both hands very busy down inside the front of those jeans. Yes, INSIDE her jeans. Moving!  How did I know? There was no way not to know -- no other place to look. Her eyes were closed, oblivious to those around her and the fingers were moving -- yikes! moving langorously under those very tight jeans in her crotch!

Did she miss where she was? This was a hospital emergency room, with people and children of all ages confined in one area.  Shouldn't there have been some, uh, you know, self-pleasuring-while-you-wait police, or something, to stop her? Is this common behavior for the young people, today, so full of self-entitlement (never mind fulfillment) that they believe they can do whatever, whenever, in public without any understanding of public and private behavior? We do still have public decency laws, don't we? What do you think? Am I being too prudish? What would you have done?


  1. That is disgusting and hilarious all at the same time! LOL I don't envy you your wait! What was she there for? Mental illness, perhaps? I wouldn't have been able to not say anything. Un. Be. Lievable!

  2. I would've waited anywhere but in that room!

  3. I would have gotten a cup of water from the cooler and poured it on her crotch or maybe her head.

    How dare she bring her private habits to a public place and soil everyone's space! Bah, humbug.......

  4. OMG! That.Is.Shocking. What kind of wackadoodle does something like that? Someone should have called security on her. Surely there were kids in the general vicinity that didn't need to be seeing that vulgar behavior. I hope you went home and gave yourself a good brain bleach after witnessing that spectacle!

  5. Hi SharleneT, I must admit, I would have walked out. Where in earth does she think she is headed? Actually the mental image is rather funny, gross but funny. You just keep walking in what you know is right and don't let trash like that get you down. There are still morally upright people in the world. God bless, Geoff.

  6. OMG that is outrageous!!! Although I have to admit if I'd found myself in that situation I'm not entirely sure what I would do.....loving Jenny's suggestion ;-)