Tuesday, April 5, 2011

E is for Egg - Edible, Eternal, Expressive

The egg is a symbol for life, rebirth, renewal. It feeds us.

Edible - Solar Baked Eggs
We are faced with thoughts of eternity.
Which came first? ... the chicken or Col. Sanders?
And discover why it's a waste of time searching
for the beginning or the end of a circle.
More importantly, why on earth would a snake eat itself,
as shown by the Ouroboros.
Surely, a smart snake would have guessed something wasn't right?

Eternal - The Ouroborus
And for the creative, the egg gives us a palate to express ourselves,
as in this pysanki I made for a friend's Mother.

Can you ask for anything more...


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  1. Nice. Now I'm ready for breakfast.

  2. Wow that pysanki (?) is really cool. Im not a fan of birds but I guess there are certain things worth keeping them around for hey? :)

  3. Nice choice and a very interesting take on an egg post. I like the circle of eternity approach. Don't think I've seen eggs baked in a muffin pan before. Interesting.

  4. I love this post - the way it goes back, forth and then back again to egg title.

    Tres fun.