Wednesday, April 13, 2011

L is for Lollapalooza in the A-Z Blogger Challenge

lollapalooza definition
1.n. something very big; something wondrous. : Look at that bump on your head. That's a lollapalooza!
2.n. a big lie. : What a lollapalooza! You expect me to believe that?

I was trying to figure out what to do with the letter L for the A-Z Challenge and up popped lollapalooza in my little breakfast-deprived brain. I was going to tell a big whopper (which is the definition I'd grown up with as opposed to what's going to come next) and just thought I'd try a little Googling, first. Ta da! OMG! Well, I'll be... apparently, I've been living under a rock and there's more to lollapalooza than I knew! Lookee here:
Eminem - Getty Images
This young whippersnapper is supposed to be headlining the 2011 20th Anniversary of Lollapalooza! It's an annual music festival with heavy metal/alternative/punk rock (in my day, there was less confusion -- you had rock and roll and, well, rock and roll, period) along with the usual extra accoutrements. This year it will be at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois, August 5 - 7th.  Here's the whole scoop for those of you praying you'll be able to attend and want those early tickets.

You can spend your time looking for me, first row, front and center, or, do you think I'm telling a big number 2!

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