Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Power and Profound Effects of Blogging - A-Z Blogging Challenge

Pieta Pysanki
This isn't what I was going to write about today. It was going to be a light and cheery posting about my pysanki egg decorating and this very special one made for a very sick friend. Then, I woke up, earlier than usual. I could check on emails and some posts from around the blogosphere with my morning cup of coffee before heading out to a few appointments. I decided to use my Pieta Pysanki egg as a signal to represent the solemnity of this occasion. Mixed with all the other carefree, coupon-saving, crazy day rantings, I found a post from LaDonna Rae at iFrog.me.com that stopped me in my tracks. She was sharing her own profound sorrow at seeing a posting from someone we both follow, Jessica, at Misadventures of an Army Wife, Final Goodbye
Jessica is a young woman in her 20s, living her married life with a soldier and following him to wherever he is expected to report. It's all in her blog. The ups, the downs, the joys, the sorrows. But, not this one. This one shocks you to the core. A blog you are totally unprepared to see. But, the response from her many followers (most not even in her Following group) with the speed and power that only can be accomplished with today's Internet, probably saved her life. You expect blogs to be uplifting, fun, expository, informative -- but, never, real life-and-death. Do NOT go there if you can't handle another's pain. She didn't ask for help -- that came from her readers and the swift power of the blogging community that performed the miracle.  The follow-up from Jessica's mother is here


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  1. Thank you so much Sharlene for this post - with tears in my eyes, I left Jessica a note and will be praying for her from this day on...

  2. I will be praying for Jessica after this touching post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. True! I guess I should put that little nifty guy on my blog, hu? I have so much going on already I might confuse myself!


  4. Hi there. Thanks for stopping by my blog and thank you for sharing Jessica stories. My thoughts are with her and her family.

  5. Blogging is not always uplifting and happy nor should it necessarily be. The situation shared by Jessica and her husband is sad and unfortunately common---and totally unnecessary. Hopefully they will one day understand the answers come from within, but the focus of ones life should not.
    Much too complex to go into in a simple comment.

    Tossing It Out