Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A-Z 2013 - Creative Cupcakes Cause Crises

cupcake photo: Owl Cupcake owlcupcake.jpg

This is a cupcake -- today's version of a cupcake. Everywhere you look, today, you'll find little works of art gracing the covers of magazines that used to have beautiful normal cakes. Where have those lovely cakes gone?

cake photo: Inside the cake 033-1.jpg

I understand the premise, believe me. Everyone should have their very own complete cake and this new trend is adorable -- to a point. And that point ends where my desire to share your special day with a baked surprise is now under pressure to create not one big, lovely, cake but a dozen or so highly creative mini-cakes that are, themselves, works of art.

cupcakes photo: Fancy Cupcakes YUMYUMSCUPCAKECORNER2012037_zpse9da3625.jpg

Do I not have enough to do, to prove my love? Do young mothers today have to face the scorn of their peers because they haven't buckled under to the this new 'prove your love' decorating? Now, I know that baking cupcakes doesn't take all day. Just pour the batter into the pan and bake. Plop that old frosting on the top and dribble some sprinkles and you have a plate of mini-cakes. NO! You can't do that, anymore! Today's mothers have to create the ultimate, most gorgeous, most unique treasures ever. Fondant has replaced edible frostings (sorry, fondant tastes yucky, to me) because you can work it like clay. And, that's the problem.

cupcakes photo: My fondant cupcakes 003_zps6ff1ca5b.jpg

Not everyone is an artist. But, not to worry, because craft stores have come to your rescue by providing a gazillion decorating and packaging accessories to make it easier for you to slip this decorating gig into your already busy day. Now, you have no excuse. You are not only under the spotlight for decorating to perfection, you are emptying your pocketbook to ensure you have the right this-and-that to make it happen. It's becoming the new Scrapbooking craft.  I can't imagine the pressure.

cupcakes photo: reindeer cupcakes 16db4c764b1711e2a07422000a1fab83_6_zps118f1185.jpg

But, I would like to have another one, thankyouverymuch!


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  1. I love creative cupcakes, mainly because I have no hope of making them myself. But they always look too gorgeous to eat.

  2. Amazing creative cupcakes! Want to look at them rather than eat them :)

  3. LOVE eating them - and feel less guilty because it's just a little cake...
    Hi there! This is my first visit to your blog and I enjoyed it. Please visit us at and, if you like what you see, sign up to become a member.

  4. There's a cupcake shop in Denton that was featured on some Food Network program. I've never been in because I'm not a huge cupcake person. I prefer the tea shop down the street.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!