Monday, April 8, 2013

A-Z 2013 - Grasshopper Parable Revisited

grasshopper and ant photo: Parable of Ant amp Grasshopper Ant-Grasshopper.jpg

I just love parables; don't you? A gentle approach of delivery for basic standards within one's family and community. Aesop's The Grasshopper and the Ant is one of my favorites because it reminds us all that we are, in fact, responsible for our own lives and have to make choices. Are our children not being exposed to Aesop's Fables, anymore? I know the latest children's stories talk about bullying, sharing, self-esteem, etc. and that's important; but, where are the stories about personal responsibility for taking charge of our own lives? By now, you've probably figured out that this is sort of a gripe post -- so, if you don't want to go further, you won't hurt my feelings.  In the words of Scarlett O'Hara, "Tomorrow, is another day!"

Let me, at the outset, say that this post is NOT about people who are infirm and/or incapable of making independent choices about their lives. Our own humanity impels us to care for them as we would want to be cared for in the same circumstances.  What I am talking about are those who choose to not take care of themselves, either through attitude or a misplaced sense of entitlement, and expect everyone else to pay their bills. And, I'm not even going to  mention people who know how to work the system with false injury claims. Not a word.

In my opinion, if you want to live independently and have a say in what happens in your life, you have to pay your own way. That means you pay for your own shelter, food, clothing, the whole ball of wax.  If you think, when out of work, that
  • you are too good to take a job because you're educated above it
  • you have a right to today's latest high-tech item just released
you're wrong.

Unless a job offer requires illegal activity on your part, it's a job and it will help you pay your bills. Too educated; it's time for an attitude adjustment. I've watched grown men let their families go hungry because the industry they had been working in collapsed and they refused to work for less money in jobs they felt were beneath them. I don't doubt for a nanosecond that it's depressing; but it's a job, until what you want comes along -- or, not. And, that could mean you have to switch to a different vocation. Jobs evolve with the generations and colleges produce way too many workers in specific fields because that's how they make money. As a contributing adult in your world, your job is to find a way to pay your bills without living off the backs of other people.  [stepping down from soapbox]


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  1. I am so on board with this. I teach kids....I'll be purposefully cryptic...and the lack of personal responsibility is really troublesome.

    I recently informed a student of a logical consequence for their actions. I knew they were disappointed but I indicated how the student dealt with this setback would help them build character. The response was less than encouraging!!!

    Maybe it IS time for more Aesop!!!

  2. As it happens I read the grasshopper parable again; I included a grasshopper in my garden themed blog. Interestingly I have been out of work twice in my life and got fed up of being told by those paid to help that I was to well educated to take the jobs they had to offer.

  3. Gosh I may have missed these tales with my own children and I thought we'd read everything -- except lessons tales which I stayed away from like, how to not be afraid of the dentist and go potty.

  4. It does seem personal responsibility receives less emphasis today. That's too bad - I believed from a young child that I could do whatever I wanted with my life if I was willing to work hard enough for it. I've done some pretty interesting things since then...and I've had to work quite a few menial jobs along the way to make ends meet! But it is worth it.

  5. I love parables...and use them in class...I have been on the out-and-out and worked some jobs way beneath me- but not for took a year and a half but I finally got a teaching job...I will never wash and groom poodles again!
    Happy A-Z April!

  6. I grew up on Aesop's Fables and loved them both for the lesson and for the stories themselves. I also believe in personal responsibility. I talk about it on my blog from a conflict management perspective.
    From A to Z

  7. That's a good lesson.

    I'm very thankful for having a job that challenges me and that I mostly love going to.

  8. I have to laugh, 'cause I remember the cartoon from many moons ago...Little did I know it was teaching me a lesson...

  9. Enjoyed your insight. Visiting from A-Z

  10. The Grasshopper and the Ant is one of my favorite fables, too. Very nice post!

  11. I love fables and wish kids would get to hear them more than they do! As to the rest - Amen :)