Saturday, April 6, 2013

A-Z 2013 - Failing is Not Always Our Fault

failure photo: failure failure.jpg
It's the end of the first week for the Challenge and I've been feeling the pressure. Until my own "Do it for the Gipper!" pep-talk, I felt like a failure. Why? Because, last year, I promised myself that I would have all my posts done and ready for this year's challenge and let myself down. Alas, I was lower than pond scum.  
Then, I had a nice little rest, forgave myself, and decided to simply handle it in the same frenetic way as the previous challenges -- I rationalized why there were no posts scheduled and waiting for me to hit the 'Publish' button. It was so easy to rationalize, that I wonder why I hadn't thought of it, before (r-r-r-i-i-i-ght).  I have forgiven myself, as I know you have and will simply share some other thoughts on failure.

failure photo: Failure failure.jpg

failure photo: Failure Failure.jpg

failure photo: Hard Disc Failure HDDfailed.png

I rest my petition for forgiveness.


For those of you who have just happened upon this page, this is an annual writing challenge open to any and all who wish to participate. It's a way to discover new writers and share your own. Do yourself a favor and check out a group of fantastic bloggers. You're bound to find someone you might like to follow. Don't forget to leave some loving comments and spread the word. It could even inspire you to think about joining next year's Challenge, yourself!


  1. Hi, I am visiting from the A-Z challenge.
    I think your post is a Success!
    I participated last year too and I wrote each day. Actually it was more like Cinderella publish before the stroke of midnight.
    This year I started off with one post ahead. So far my plan to use Sunday as a way to get one post ahead seems to be working.

  2. I was lucky enough to have the majority of my posts written before the month started (mostly because I raided some old scribbles on my hard drive), but I imagine most people are flying by the seat of their pants on this one.

  3. No worries! I struggled coming up with a theme, then the posts themselves. I finally have them all done but still have to put them in Blogger. :)

    Happy A-Z!

  4. I learned from last year and starting organising my blogs in January! But it did help that I had a lot of stories and flash fiction unpublished from last autumn. Next year - who knows??
    Happy A to Z-ing
    Jemima at Jemima's blog

  5. I don't think you've failed at all. I think those who take each letter as it comes are throwing themselves into the challenge moreso than those who are prepared. I can't handle waiting until last minute so my posts were all done before April started. But... I envy those who have the courage to take this challenge as it comes.

    Have fun with the rest of a-z. :)