Thursday, April 4, 2013

A-Z 2013 - Doors of Our Lives

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Every time we face a door, we are making a choice that will affect our lives and our souls. Open it and discover a whole new world or hate turning that knob because only negative people and numbing activities await you. Whether it's the same door, or not, your life does change, in increments or with a fast whoosh! We're not always in control of what's on the other side -- choices you can't avoid or will welcome with open arms, are already heading your way. But, as I've said before in one of my New Year's toasts . . .
If you fear the unknown, may you find the inner strength to take a chance.
If you rush to the unknown, may you know the difference between exploration and running away.
If you desire the unknown, may you be well-prepared for the journey.
If you are asked to share the unknown, may it be your decision and the very best choice for you.
And, at the close of each year, may your choices reflect a year of seized opportunity, new-found courage, and a deeper understanding of your family and friends. But, most of all, may you discover peace and an acceptance of yourself.


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  1. Reflective and inspiring: wish you good luck for the rest of this challenge friend ;-)