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K is for Kissing - A-Z Writing Challenge

K is for Kissing or Osculation in the 2012 A-Z Writing Challenge.

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Hands down, we humans have it over other bipeds on this planet. And, because there are some cultures that don't believe in kissing on the mouth, I'm glad I belong to one that does. It's really a lovely part of moving toward full intimacy. Moving toward...  well, current movies, and how fast kissing begins. The majority of stories seem to have removed all the romance from kissing. Does this younger generation understand just how provocative and soul-thrumming a soft approach kiss can be? Given the benefit of the doubt, coupled with a less than five-second attention span, I suppose it is possible they could forget what they're doing if they didn't just go for broke at the outset and -- well, that's just speculation...

Contrary to current storylines, detectives don't bed new female clients in the first ten minutes of a meeting -- I don't care how good-looking the parties are; they don't. Granted, it does make the show more titillating, whilst stretching credulity, but, I have to wonder at the life experiences of the writer and -- I know, I know, I digress. Bottom line, most detectives I know want to make sure the check clears the bank before getting too comfortable with a new account!

Let's return to romance. You know, the good old-fashioned romantic kissing that made you want more because the kisser made it so special.  Kissing every Tom Dick and Harry devalues your kisses. Splurge your kisses on babies, seniors, friends in greeting, the ill (we all need human touch), if you must splurge – given on the cheek or hand to show closeness and caring. Well, that's my opinion. By the way, if you really want to know whether or not a man truly loves and values you, one of his first kisses will be on your forehead. You can't make him do it – that wouldn't be the same. It's one of those natural things.

A first kiss with someone you really like is one of the most delicious experiences on earth. Waiting for that first kiss can be so delightfully excruciating, there are some people who want to experience it over and over, and just keep moving through relationships. That's too bad, because follow-up kissing can be fantastic, too. And, those kisses you get after having lived for years with the one you love can be an almost holy experience. (I apologize to all the young whipper-snappers who think they're the only ones who can experience romance. Truth is, you can enjoy it throughout your life!)

Oh, yes, that first kiss. Did you ever wonder how and where some boys learn to kiss? From a talk with their fathers? their buddies with as little experience as they have? or, a book? I think some boys are confident and natural kissing a girl, while others need to feel more secure before attempting that first kiss. Wouldn't it make more sense to go slow and discover how each enjoys kissing before assuming that what worked with someone else is going to work for everyone? Did you have rules for kissing? These are my main ones. What were some of your kissing rules?

3 Rules for First-Date Kissing/Osculation

1. Clean breath and mouth is important. Carry some form of breath freshener with you, especially, if you're a smoker. Take a few seconds and take a drink of water or something to clean your mouth of food. Your date can SEE what's still clinging to your lips and teeth, you know. And, if you're one of those people who can't feel food on your lips and chin, develop the habit of using your napkin after every bite or visiting the rest room, after the meal, to check your mouth and teeth in the mirror.  Food all over your face, mouth, and teeth, is a big turnoff to a girl (and, I'm assuming, for a boy, as well).

2. Wet kisses are great, once you've broken the ice, but please don't be obvious about wetting your lips for that first kiss. Your date may not be all that anxious to share ALL your germs. It's like having a sloppy, wet, dishcloth pressed against your lips and all you can think about is the germs that are being transferred. And, if you have a cold, you might want to rethink the whole kissing on the mouth thing.

3. Please don't open your mouth like you're going to swallow your lady love for that first kiss. It's really quite overwhelming to see the top of your head disappear behind your upper lip and the maws of a Great White zeroing in on you, when all you really wanted was a precious moment. That does not translate to a precious moment and you look ridiculous. Stop it. There'll be plenty of time for this more intimate form of kissing, when you know each other...
I think first kisses should start out gentle with someone you really like. It shouldn't be the same as the kiss from the end of the journey. If he says he can't help himself, he's not interested in you, he's interested in his own pleasure.  How can someone you've just met be grabby and possessive? If he's really interested in you, your feelings are just as important as his own. His actions are gentle until he knows how you really feel, not grabby and possessive.

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Kissing is part of the physical language of love and can be heightened by poetry or billets-doux hidden in a bouquet or a pocket. But, the words chosen do make a difference. Would the following turn your head, if your love whispered them in your ear?

Osculation distributes pathogens,
as has been promulgated.
So, snoggle me, baby;
I'm inoculated!

I think you may remember it, better, this way:

Kissing spreads germs,
as it has been stated. 
So, kiss me, baby;
I'm vaccinated!

I think I'd rather have a first kiss, than a first osculation; how about you?

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  1. Holy Hannah, you know a lot about kissing! Thank you for stopping by so I could come visit your blog :) Have a great day,

    1. I guess it wouldn't do any good to suggest that all my knowledge came from reading; right? (Mona Lisa smile). So glad you are able to stop by and hope to see you, again.

  2. This was a very informative post! Reading things like this always makes me wistful, unhappy, and jealous because my so-called fiancé refused to kiss me till a bit over 2.5 years into our relationship, and even now doesn't do it passionately or for longer than a few seconds. One of many reasons I may finally be dumping this pathetic walking DSM.

    1. Maybe, he just needs a good teacher? I mean, if everything else about him makes you happy. I'm trying to imagine a man who doesn't want to kiss his fiancée, after a little over two years. I'll have to think about this. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I doubt I'm the only one who needed to hear it! These days, people have forgotten the lost art of real love, and replaced it with pleasure and lust. Makes me angry. More of us need to think this way.
    Bonnie Gwyn

    1. I agree. I think, it's the only last truly private pleasure. A couple can have, and should be savored through every step of their relationship. I think the 60s and 70s sexual revolution did far more damage. I'm going to have to post about that soon. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. ha ha ha!!! I love this. I was grinning the whole time while reading it(like that horse there.) I wondered about writing about kisses myself for letter K, however I was kissing my babies and it's still not on my blog yet. I think you wrote it really well! So many things to consider. I love it, I have to tweet this. I'm a fan of kissing, but not the ones kissing on your children's mouth. That's just me. :)X

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I don't think you should be kissing on children's mouths, either. I think I suggested either the cheek or the forehead, the back of the hands, etc. It's just not healthy. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. interesting and informative.

    well written and definitely well researched...

    more guys need to read this...

    tUcKeR, the world dogamnator, would definitely disagree with soft and slow approach, he is kinda a lickasaurus!

    1. Thanks, Bruce. I think it would be helpful if more guys read this – and, girls, too! Would love to see romance brought back into their lives. tUcKeR and I would have no problem, as I'm sure he's just adorable, as well as trainable. Thanks for stopping by. Look forward to more posts.