Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for Zipping the A-Z Writing Challenge Closed

Z is for Zipped and Done in the 2012 A-Z Writing Challenge.

It seemed right that Zippers should be the final entry in this year's challenge.  Finished the project and zipping it closed until next year -- that's what I'm doing. Never thought I'd finish, with all the outside things to do begging for attention; but, apparently, there's little else to do between the hours of two and three in the morning, and, so, why not prepare the next post!

We all love zippers, whether worn hidden in high-fashion or used as a statement in high-fashion, they make keeping ourselves contained so much easier; don't you think?  Why is it that they are rarely referred to in novels? Just curious. Not sure how I'd do it but I know any one of you great authors out there can create the right scenario. I give you the 'go-to-it' sign!

Obviously, this is far too in-your-face for my tastes; unless, of course, it's attached to a very good-looking young man looking for some cougar moments... (I digress... 's'cuse)

Yet, we definitely want access to our many-pocketed gear holders and need them to be very obvious so that we know at a glance that they are closed and our contents safe, especially, when coming down the airline baggage chute!

The only ones that irritate me, no end, are the nylon zippers that pop open in the center(!) and then you spend so much time trying to get them closed, evenly. And, they do this at the most inappropriate moments; don't you think?

But, fellow Challengers, it's been a lovely April with so many interesting posts I've yet to visit (but, will, in the upcoming months) and hope that you've enjoyed the Challenge, too! Yes, it's time to close this year's event and tell you that I look forward to participating in next year's, as well. I even think I might get some posts scheduled, in advance. Ha, ha, ha. This last is not a real zipper but I loved the artist's conception and couldn't resist!

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  1. Zipping up the challenge....good perspective:) Congratulations on your faithful posts!

  2. How convenient that Z is the last letter and there are so many great Z-words that wrap things up. Reading last posts is almost as exciting as the beginning steps into the unknown of the Challenge. I'm glad you came back.

    And I love the last photo.

  3. I loved the way you "Closed" your A to Z Challenge. It was great reading your work. Now that this is over ... what is next for you?