Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for Time A-Z Writing Challenge

T is for Time in the 2012 A-Z Writing Challenge.

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Time is one of my favorite play-pretties, and it seems to be the same with my friends. It's exacting, elastic, exasperating, and unforgiving (I wish I would've thought of those three "E" words at the beginning of this challenge.).

Those who view time at its most elastic, invariably, end up with those who prefer it to be exacting. Much like couples who are forever fighting over the thermostat. When viewed in its best light, having parents with opposite dedication to time would seem to create a more peaceful household. Bear in mind, I said "would seem." There really is no way to rush someone who habitually arrives 10 to 15 minutes after an event starts. They, on the other hand,  have long since learned the trick of setting the clock back so that doesn't work, anymore.

On the other, other, hand, I'm not sure what this says about their respect for the moment or for the people that they are meeting. We have chosen to live in a world that uses a clock to determine when and where events occur. It wouldn't surprise me to find a rebel within the heart of people who choose to not pay attention to the time. Is it because they're jealous? Is it because they're still carrying childhood anger? Or, is it because they are so self-absorbed, they just don't care about anyone else because nothing really happens until they arrive on the scene...

In my early years, when I told time by my dinosaur's shadow, it was easy to be late on a rainy day. Living in a day when one merely has to look at one's cell phone for the time, just how many times do you have to 'understand' why someone is always late.

When, as the legal profession says, "one's estate matures," your time is up. I don't imagine I'll be late for that event. How about you? Are you an on-time individual? Do you arrive ten minutes early? A half hour early? Or, are you the one who always shows up at the theater fifteen minutes late but still expects to be seated during the first act -- which seat, by the way, is invariably in the center of the row, down front...  

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  1. I am an early to on time girl myself. Can't help it ... was just born that way :) Thanks for stopping by and reading about "Talent" Interesting perspective that you shared ... I may be a generation thing although my daughter has struggled to see hers even WITH my help!

    Your solar cooking blog is very interesting too! After looking at all the yummy recipes I need to get something for breakfast! I made me hungry!!!!

    1. I'm finally catching up (ha, ha, ha) on my visitors, while visiting others in this year's Challenge. Phew! Thanks for stopping by BOTH my blogs! You're so far ahead of me. I've always been an earlier than on time girl, myself, and, of course, married a man with a more relaxed view... Thanks for stopping by. Will visit, again, soon.

  2. I myself am an early-running person -

    But there is a caveat. I don't put being on time above my relationship with my family - who tend more toward lateness.

    I try to compensate by avoiding commitments that come with a strict deadline (our homeschooling lifestyle helps a lot with that; no busses to rush for), and making plans with lot of "ishes" attached to the time.

    And I hope that those who love me will understand that my first priority is the man I chose, and the children we created, and forgive the occasional lapse.

    When it's just me going somewhere, I am very prompt.

    1. That seems to be the most sensible way of approaching it. And, I'm sure home schooling is a bit help. If you're on time most of the time, no one really gets upset. It's just the ones that are always late that make things tough for everyone else... Thanks for stopping by. You're so much more ahead of me in this Challenge! Kudos!

  3. I'm usually on time...but sometimes I have a lapse of memory and forget that we are 15 minutes away from town and don't figure it into my travel time when traveling further on. It's what happens when you live on an island. My trips start for me, when we get to the bridge, and that is 15 minutes later than I was thinking. Everything takes longer to get to when you live on the coast of Maine. But I really try to always be on time!

    1. I don't care, Donna, I want to come and live with you!!!! You're forgiven -- everything! -- just make room for me. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Funny isn’t it how time governs so much. Once I start writing I lose all track of time which isn’t great if I should be somewhere else like the hair dressers… oh my just seen the time – gotta dash *lol*

    How you finding the a to z challenge, can’t quite believe almost at the end

    1. Finding the Challenge a, well, challenge, this year. Have lots on my plate and will continue to visit everyone through the year up to, well, the next Challenge! Thanks for stopping by.