Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Vegetables and Visions A-Z Writing Challenge

V is for Vegetables and Visions in the 2012 A-Z Writing Challenge.

Most of you know that I like to garden -- edible vegetables!  Oh, yeah, and, last night was my first meal from this year's garden, luscious fresh spinach with a variety of lettuces, green onions, and fresh herbs for my dressing. The broccoli heads were at different stages, but enough for a side dish.

It was during the selection of the best leaves and broccoli, plucking unwanted weeds, and watching my garden toad check for bugs, that it slowly dawned on me that my mind had retreated to that creative place so often visited in my studio when listening to classical music. It was like a holy place.

I know. I know. That could be an extreme example but, yet, gardening is a very spiritual experience. You're trowel-in-handing the very life process that has sustained mankind since mankind discovered what seeds could do, how to keep them over winter, plant in the spring, and feed his family the following year. You've joined a long line of ancestors, performing the same simple tasks, leaving the mind free to wonder, wander, and -- oh, you know where I'm going -- and, write. Yes, write. The visions and thoughts you have while gardening is mental note-taking at its finest -- at least, for me.

This is this year's crop of mixed greens, butter crunch lettuce, spinach, and the Roma tomatoes in the back of my waist-high garden.  Can you see the stand of green onions behind them? I love this garden. And, yes, I munch on fresh spinach as I check for weeds. It's all totally mindless and, when the church bells ring the hour, I'm often overwhelmed with the joy and beauty of keeping a garden.

Now, mind you, the garden and orchard I keep in my retirement is nothing compared to the gardens I kept when I was younger. But, it more than feeds my smaller circle with plenty to put up for winter and spring use. And, it feeds my soul. So many half-finished ideas are firmed up whilst in the garden. Solutions to problems are revealed.  And, new ideas sink deeper roots than when I'm anywhere else. I don't have my phone with me. No, this is my communion time with nature. No question, there's plenty of thoughts of food; but, the simplicity of it generates food for thought. At least, for me.

Where do you find your moments for ideas? Do you have a special corner for your retreat and reflection? I used to think I needed a specially-designed corner (and, I do love them!) but, rarely do I get my best ideas when enjoying their privacy. Nope, it's the vegetable garden... I'm pretty sure I was a peasant in my previous lives. Have a great day. I'm gonna have a great salad!

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  1. Hi, I agree that gardening is a spiritual experience. Your garden is way ahead of mine! We plant in mid to late May. To generate creative ideas I often meditate. I also get great ideas while driving on the highway! Or just daydreaming.

    1. Yup. Like you, my mind never stops. I keep 3x5 cards on hand, all the time, for jotting ideas down. Use the upper right-hand corner for a category so it's easy to put in the file box. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love gardening! Especially vegetables. It's surprising I do, based on how much I hated it as a child! Our garden was massive, and I swear that weeding it was all we did for hours a day. I guess the love of eating veggies we gardened ourselves carried with me, and the hate of the work didn't. ;)

    1. I was the same way. But, gardening, the way I do it, is so easy and effortless, with almost no weeding, that I can't imagine not enjoying one. And, this year, has been one of a glorious bounty -- which is why I'm so behind on my postings! Thanks for stopping by.