Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Singing and Song Lyrics Writing Challenge

S is for Singing and Song Lyrics in the 2012 A-Z Writing Challenge.

Here I am, running around like a chicken with its head cut off, because I'm trying to get ready for the Midtown Market which opens for the first time, this season, in the morning. That means my butt has to be up by 5:30 a.m. and on its way to start setting up the tents, and all by 8:00 a.m.  Well, there I was, rushing through the packing, humming, and, the first thing I knew, a song I wrote a few years ago popped into my head. It was just a silly little song that I wrote after overhearing some young women in the airport bathroom. My daughter had asked when I was going to write another song, when she kissed me goodbye before the flight and so it was on my mind.

The ladies were arguing about one's ex-husband whose check was always coming back NSF from the bank. Her friend suggested she call him and she responded, "No way. Why should I? When his blankety-blank check clears the bank, I'll take his call!"  Well, if that isn't a country song, I don't know what is, and this is what I had written before the plane got in the air. I'll be back and let you hear it with the music when I figure out how to do the audio thingy, over the weekend.

When Your Check Clears the Bank, I'll Take Your Call

You're telling everybody, 'bout the time you had it all.
Of our babies and our happy home, before you spoiled it all.
You say, it's really me, you love; she was just a fling, that's all.
Well, when you're check clears the bank, I'll take your call.

Yes, when your check clears the bank, I'll take your call.
I've learned to live without you, and your stumbling down the hall.
You can have your rhinestone dollies, noisy jukebox, barroom brawls.
And, when your check clears the bank, I'll take your call.

You say she's here, most every night, painted up to help men fall.
A real tall drink, letting them forget, that license on the wall.
She'll leave you in a heartbeat, when she finds you've spent it all.
And, when your check clears the bank, I'll take your call.

Now, I'm the first to admit, that isn't Sibelius, but it's catchy and most folks remembered it, enough, to ask for it by name, while singing some of the lines to me. That's the sign of a good song -- one that folks remember long after they've heard it. And, to think, that little ditty started in an airport bathroom.  Lyrics are everywhere; don't you agree!  

Well, that's my S Challenge. Have a great weekend.

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    1. It is. And, I hope you try it. I'm late getting to everyone; but, this has been quite a challenge and I've had to prepare for the Cookout. Hugs for all you're going through and I'm tickled that you've found a great new career in Macon!

  2. Hello, Sharlene! That's a great song! It's definitely catchy, and though I don't know too much about what makes country music country, it seems to fit in with what I do know about it! Isn't it funny where we get our inspiration for writing? The words for what we write are all around us as long as we pay attention!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend and happy A to Z!!

    1. Thanks, Laura. Yeah, and lots of folks get a little nervous about having you around when they know they're fodder for the next ditty. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Wow, that's cool. I always wanted to try songwriting, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

    1. What's great about it is that you can start, anytime. Give it a go.