Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for Yellowback A-Z Writing Challenge

Y is for Yellowback in the 2012 A-Z Writing Challenge.

Okay. Admit it. Some of you writers here on the Challenge have, in fact, read a cheap, sensational, novel; right? Novelette? Never?!?  Mmmmmmm... I dunno.... I just dunno. If I told you that there's something to be said for a quick read that requires little, if any, thinking on your part, would you give it a try? C'mon, you can do it... it's just some cheap, sensational, yellowback, novel.

Yellow journalism is the lowest a writer can possibly go, in my opinion; but, writing a yellowback novel can be the start of a very lucrative career -- especially, under a catchy nom de plume. You're not tearing anyone down; you're just killing the King's English and taking the high road on prurient interest. You know people buy them. People just don't admit to buying them. "Someone" always gave it to them... or, they found it at the bus station. Right.
I think for a book to qualify as a Yellowback novel, it has to be, first of all, at least 200 pages long. Secondly, it must contain some form of sexy scene every nine pages, regardless of plot. The main character has to be enjoying erotic bliss in one form or another before discovering -- "Oh, oh, oh... that's it, Baby, that's perfect. You're the bes... -- Wait! What was I thinking? Of course!" -- the next clue. 

Yup, right in the short rows, all action stops and our hero says, "Love the moment, Babe, but just figured out why that key was in my sock! Gotta go. Will call, Babe. I promise. I'll bring donuts."

And, off we go for another eight pages, until the hero succumbs to a little dalliance or the left-behind lady remembers "... that moment, when his hands..."

The jacket design may or may not relate to the actual story between the covers. It's at the whim of Design and what is selling au courant. If red and white checked jackets are moving books off the shelves, you can bet your sweet bippy, there'll be red and white checks on your cover. But, that's not the point.

The point is, yellowback writing is such fun to read. It gives your mind a chance to just let go and enjoy the ride -- and, oftentimes, that release helps resolve some sticky issues you may be having, elsewhere. We all know that to distract the mind will often leave room for solutions, so wouldn't it make sense to use that distraction time to read some wonderful yellowback novel?

You'll never know, if you don't try. And, should you find that you just can't bring yourself to admit that you paid for it, you can tell family and friends that I loaned it to you. Yippee!

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  1. I hadn't heard the term Yellowback to describe a type of book before. Interesting. Does it have, or did it once have, a yellow cover? hehe.

  2. I'm taking a last minute blog jog to meet some new friends from the A-Z challenge list. Following :)